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Our company ,adopting honesty and transparency as a principle, has a wide range of products as the production takes place in altitude of 30 to 800 meters. Vardar Botanik makes contribution on improving the product range of the market by adding new and different products each year. Besides producing our own plants, we do marketing and sell decoration plants for many producers.

Our company’s priorty targets are making contribution on making the world greener by producing saplings and plants which are eligible to our climate and making contribution on national economy by exporting products.



Please contact us to get information about our saplings and plants and to learn stock status

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    Our company, which has been carrying on business in Bayındır, İzmir since 2008 focuses on improving product quality and production capacity by benefiting from climatic advantage of the area and using accurate techniques and plants.

    Kerim Boyar

    Tel: 0532 513 56 72

    Kenan Boyar

    Tel: 0532 336 41 21